How our affiliate Make-A-Wish UK gives hope to children

In the United Kingdom, over 63,000 children are right now eligible for a wish because they are living with a critical illness. Together with volunteers and generous donors Make-A-Wish UK realizes the wishes of children who are living with a critical condition.

Granting a wish gives hope to a critically ill child and their loved ones. For a day, they get to set their worries aside. Read more about our affiliate Make-A-Wish UK.

Grant life-changing wishes

Make-A-Wish UK

Make-A-Wish UK sparks the imagination of a child by letting them create and decide their own unique wish journey. A wish journey comes together through the hard work and dedication of volunteers, fundraisers, supporters and healthcare professionals. 

Granting a wish has a big impact on the lives of a critically ill child and their family. It gives them hope, perspective for the future and builds their confidence. The childhood of a critically ill child is often heavily disrupted. 

Their childhood often consists of many hospital visits, cold hospital rooms and doctors having to take test after test. Make-A-Wish UK believes that these children deserve to be carefree, joyful and included.

On their wish day, the wish child is usually bursting with joy and excitement. The whole family is able to spend time together and create wonderful memories that last a lifetime.

What does Make-A-Wish UK do?

Make-A-Wish UK grants wishes to critically ill children in the UK. By finding everything out about a wish child, Make-A-Wish UK crafts a unique wish journey around them.

The wish is created around the interests and hobbies of the child. This way the wish is completely unique and altered to their likes and dislikes.

When a child experiences a life-changing wish, it can play a role in their healing process. Having their wish granted, often provides them with a newfound strength and resilience. This results in hope when they experience more difficult situations regarding their health.

Donate and give hope to critically ill children in the UK

Providing hope, strength and confidence through granting wishes, can only be done because of the hardworking volunteers and generous donors that support Make-A-Wish UK.

A unique wish journey can be crafted for these wish children. To continue creating life-changing wishes, Make-A-Wish needs your help. We cannot do it alone. Give hope to critically ill children and their loved ones, and donate today.

Grant life-changing wishes