Who is eligible for a wish to be granted?

Make-A-Wish is an international organization that serves to fulfill the wishes of critically ill children. We operate in over 50 countries and have brought 500,000 wishes to life in 41 years.

We celebrate the 29th of April every year as World Wish Day. This date commemorates the first wish ever granted by the movement. Wish kids have to meet certain criteria in order to qualify for having their wish granted. The Make-A-Wish journey is a great opportunity for children who are living with a life-threatening illness to experience the joy of a life-long wish being granted. This experience strengthens the child’s hope and can have a positive impact on their mental health. In this blog we discuss who is eligible for a wish to be granted.

Grant life-changing wishes

How to become a Make-A-Wish kid

Make-A-Wish kids are children who are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and who are between the ages of 3 and 17. Families and friends of a child can refer an eligible child to the foundation, and our wish granters will analyze whether the child is eligible. You can apply for a wish by contacting the Make-A-Wish Affiliate in your country and submitting a referral.

Eligibility criteria for the wish journey


The child doesn’t need to be terminal in order to receive a wish—many children who receive a wish survive and go on to live healthy lives. The idea behind the organization is to create an unforgettable experience for critically ill children and bring some extra laughter and joy into their lives. The eligibility criteria for the wish journey are:

1) Between the ages of 3-17 years old;
2) Diagnosed with a progressive, degenerative or malignant condition that is life-threatening;
3) Has not yet received a wish from a similar organization to Make-A-Wish.


The stages of the wish journey

The wish journey starts with a referral. Make-A-Wish accepts referrals from children themselves, parents, family members, and medical professionals. Once a child is referred to Make-A-Wish, we check the eligibility criteria to make sure the child is eligible for receiving a wish.

After the eligibility of the child is confirmed, our wishgranters visit the family and discuss the wish with the child. Lastly, we coordinate with the required people and volunteers to grant the wish!

Donors, doctors, supporters, and volunteers all help in granting a child’s wish. There are hundreds of volunteers that come together to make wishes come true. To initiate the process, you can submit a wish application form on behalf of the child. It is important to consult the child’s medical professional to ensure the proposed wish is compatible with the child’s health condition.


How to contribute to a wish

There are many ways you can contribute to a wish. You can become a volunteer to help us expand our reach from the 50 countries we are currently active into. Volunteers help our organization run.

Make-A-Wish is a non-profit organization, and we run purely on donations to give families a memorable experience without worrying about money.

You can also host a fundraising campaign in your area to raise funds to donate. This can include anything from a bake sale to any other form of a charity event. Give hope to critically ill children and their families, and donate today.


Grant life-changing wishes