The inspirational wish-granting of our Affiliate Make-A-Wish Italy

Make-A-Wish Italy believes that wish-granting is an incredibly positive experience that has the power to transform the life of a critically ill child. With the commitment and dedication of our volunteers and donors, we can rejuvenate the desire of a child living with a life-threatening condition to fight against it.
Granting a wish can help critically ill children regain their emotional well-being, strength, and hope. For one day, these children can escape the grave confinements of their hospital room and live their ideal lives. Learn more about our Affiliate Make-A-Wish Italy.

Grant life-changing wishes

How a wish journey inspires


Make-A-Wish Italy aims to grant the wishes of the eligible critically ill children across the country. Living with a life-threatening illness is inconceivably challenging. These children have to put up with repeated  hospitalizations which can be a stressful and challenging process.

Our team of volunteers and donors work to grant the wishes of children living with a critical illness. One wish-granting opportunity can remind these children of the true essence of hope and joy. The wish journey of these children can inspire them to obtain an optimistic attitude and regain their hope for the future. The magic of the wish journey can boost the healing process of critically ill children.

Granting the wishes of children living with life-threatening conditions and helping them acquire a positive attitude can promote their emotional well-being. This is what keeps us motivated and eternally committed to our mission.


Stages of the wish journey Make-A-Wish Italy

Make-A-Wish Italy begins the process of wish granting after receiving a wish report. Anyone can fill in an application for a wish for a child suffering from a specific medical condition that puts their lives at risk. The child himself, his parents, legal guardians, attending physician or nurse, friend, relative, or even a teacher can initiate the process of wish reporting.

After we receive a wish application, we maintain the reporter’s confidentiality. We contact the child and his/her family during the next stage to determine the sick child’s eligibility for the wish. If the critically ill child is eligible, Make-A-Wish Italy arranges a meeting with the child, and then begins the process of granting their wish.

Our financial and technical supporters, volunteers, and various companies come together to materialise the wish of the child suffering from a severe illness. There is no way to measure the joy and hope these children can experience through wish granting.


What are the criteria for eligible children?


Make-A-Wish Italy grants wishes to critically ill children between the ages of 3 and 17. All critically ill children living in Italy, of this age group, are eligible to apply for the wish journey.

Grant a wish of a critically ill child by donating

Our mission is accomplished only through the efforts and generosity of the volunteers and donors. If you want to bring a never-ending instance of hope and resilience in the lives of critically ill children, donate today.

Make-A-Wish Italy uses 78% of the donations for granting wishes of these children. Become part of this wish journey and make a difference in the world!


Grant life-changing wishes