The story behind the Make-A-Wish logo

Make-A-Wish International has been bringing smiles to children living with critical illnesses since 1980. The Make-A-Wish logo plays a vital role in spreading our vision. It represents not just our organization, but all the people from all across the world who make the wish journey happen. Everyone immediately recognizes Make-A-Wish when they see our logo.

The simple design of the logo reflects the core value of Make-A-Wish which is giving hope to children who are living with critical medical conditions and their families.

When was the logo made?

The logo was not introduced at the time of establishment of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, but when new doors for development opened up, the logo was introduced in the late 1990s, aiming to enhance the brand. We did this to make sure that we would be recognizable everywhere we go.

As Make-A-Wish grew in popularity, a need was felt to create a visual representation of the magic behind our non-profit organization in a more befitting manner. Thus, the initial logo design went through some changes and the old design was discarded. The new logo is the current logo of Make-A-Wish International.

Grant life-changing wishes

The changes the logo has gone through


There is a slight difference between the old and the new logo of Make-A-Wish. This change was introduced to revamp and enhance the design of the previous logo. The logo consists of a star, a swirl, and a logotype—the simple text of the logo of Make-A-Wish.

A serif font style is introduced in the new logo that reflects the credibility of the foundation. Other than this, the texture of the swirl and the star was also updated for the new logo. A clear five-pointed star and the upward swirl in the new logo makes the logo stand out and enhances its appearance.


The message behind the logo

The message behind the logo lies close to the vision of Make-A-Wish. The swirl moving upwards indicates a star that shoots across the sky. This is a message of resilience and courage. Similarly, the star in the logo is the symbol of hope and brightness.

Make-A-Wish aims to bring smiles and laughter in the lives of children living with life-threatening illnesses. The swirl and the star in the logo stand for the emotions of happy children. In addition, the logo stimulates hope and ambition for volunteers, donors, and everyone else to make a positive contribution to Make-A-Wish.


Create your logo to show support for Make-A-Wish

You can show your support to Make-A-Wish International by drawing our logo and spreading it amongst your friends and family. This way we can spread more awareness and help even more critically ill children all over the world. Spreading the logo is a sign of solidarity with critically ill children whose childhoods are often overshadowed by doctors’ visits and cold hospital rooms.

If you are looking for another opportunity to contribute positively to the lives of children living with a life-threatening condition, you can also donate. Make-A-Wish values each and every donation and grants the wishes of children living with critical illnesses with them. Give hope and restore strength by donating today. 


Grant life-changing wishes