The magic of our Affiliate Make-A-Wish France

Critically ill children spend a considerable part of their childhood in hospitals. Make-A-Wish France values the wishes brought forth by these children. We realise how precious their wishes are. By granting their wishes, we aim to provide them with emotional support they can use to improve their emotional wellbeing.

Grant life-changing wishes

The magic of the wish journey

Experiencing a life-threatening illness gravely impacts one’s life. Children living with a critical condition must deal with it every day, without a break. We believe these children deserve to have joyous moments without a care in the world. Our ultimate mission is to help them indulge in activities they truly enjoy. Our aim is to grant the wishes of these critically ill children.
By granting their wishes, these children can find a temporary gateway and escape from their daily struggles. Most importantly, they can make memories with their loved ones which they will cherish eternally. Through the Make-A-Wish wish journey, children living with a critical condition can get hope and strength to face their challenges.

Make-A-Wish France: the steps of a wish journey


Working along an entire team consisting of dedicated volunteers, generous donors, and healthcare specialists, we conduct the process of wish journeys for critically ill children. The first step to initiate the wish journey is recognizing a child living with a life-threatening disease. We begin by reaching out to the family for information and consulting the child’s healthcare specialists.

After ensuring the respective child meets the eligibility criteria, we arrange a meeting with the critically ill child and their family. Every wish request is processed thoroughly. Most wish requests are based on the child’s interests and hobbies, such as visiting their favourite vacation spot, or meeting a celebrity they admire. Make-A-Wish France values all wish requests. Once the wish is finalised, we start to gather the appropriate tools needed to pave the path for the wish journey.

Finally, through hard work and cooperation of the child’s family, volunteers, donors, healthcare specialists, and fund-raisers, we work to materialise these children’s wishes.

Wish journey: the criteria

The first step for the wish process is to determine whether the child meets the eligibility criteria. Our eligibility criteria require the child to be between three and seventeen years old. The child must be diagnosed with a life-threatening condition to apply for the wish journey.
Make-A-Wish France aims to grant the wishes of every critically ill child who is in need of hope.


Inspire critically ill children by donating

A critically ill child deserves to escape from their difficult time at the hospital and indulge in an activity that brings them joy and hope. Your contribution to Make-A-Wish France is highly valued. Through your donations, we can put smiles on the faces of critically ill children and grant their wishes. Become a part of the process and make a difference by donating today.


Grant life-changing wishes