Make-A-Wish on World Wish Day 2022

At Make-A-Wish we are an international organization dedicated to granting the wishes of children who are living with a life-threatening illness. This journey started many years ago, on April the 29th in 1980 to be exact. Since that day we have made it our mission to continue granting wishes to every eligible child in the world. In this blog we discuss what World Wish Day is and how we celebrate it.

Grant life-changing wishes

What is World Wish Day?

Make-A-Wish started when a boy living with leukemia wished to be a police officer. His family, along with friends, worked hard to bring this boy’s wish to life. This is the moment Make-A-Wish came to life. Since then, Make-A-Wish has fulfilled 500,000 wishes worldwide.

Make-A-Wish celebrates World Wish Day which is the anniversary of the first wish granted by the movement. It is a momentous day for Make-A-Wish and the wish kids involved.

Make-A-Wish provides kids who are living with a critical illness an opportunity to create unforgettable memories with their loved ones. Make-A-Wish sees how difficult the challenges can be that these children and their loved ones go through.Their lives are often interrupted due to hospitalization and other medical treatment procedures. This is why we want to give them the experience of a wish, which they will cherish forever.

Research has shown that the wish journey can improve the emotional wellbeing of a child living with a life-threatening illness. Make-A-Wish fulfills all kinds of wishes, from wishes to be, to wishes to have, to wishes to go. Traveling, living their dream career, nothing is too crazy. This idea is to give critically ill children new hope and strength.

When is World Wish day?


World Wish Day is celebrated on the 29th of April. Celebrating this day helps us give hope to critically ill children. By showing support you can help us grant their wishes and enable the critically ill children to experience the memorable wish journey. This serves as a distraction from their old routine of doctors, hospitals, and medicines. During the wish journey children get to bond with their families and experience society to its fullest.

With these wishes, children living with a life-threatening illness gain hope and confidence. Granting wishes helps seriously ill children realize that no matter how big or small their wish is, it is possible to achieve it. Thus, celebrating World Wish Day helps us to continue to give a memorable and joyous experience to critically ill children and their families.


What activities does Make-A-Wish participate in?

On World Wish Day, Make-A-Wish organizes challenge events to show support and raise awareness for the critical illnesses our wish kids are living with. For World Wish Day 2022 you can participate in marathons, Walks for Wishes, abseiling, bake offs, and business challenges. Visit your local Make-A-Wish website to see which activities Make-A-Wish participates in near you.

You can participate in the challenges and support Make-A-wish to help us grant the wishes of critically ill children.
Make-A-Wish seeks to grant the wishes of critically ill children. Children have all kinds of different wishes, such as spending a day at a theme park, visiting a botanical garden with their family, or meeting their favorite celebrity. Make-A-Wish makes an effort to execute the wishes of critically ill children in the best way possible.

Granting wishes gives hope and unforgettable memories to the children and their families. Research has shown that wish kids can become emotionally stronger. This helps them take on the challenges they face in their lives.


How to participate in World Wish Day

Make-A-Wish operates in only 50 countries worldwide, however with the help of volunteers, they can expand to many different countries. To make hundreds of more deserving wishes come true, become a volunteer for Make-A-Wish and find out more about how to participate in your country. Give hope and new strength to critically ill children and their loved ones. Celebrate World Wish Day and show your support.


Grant life-changing wishes