Why Make-A-Wish is essential

Fear, worry, and hospital treatment dominate children with a life-threatening illness. Granting their wish gives these children and their families strength. This way they can get more resilient when they encounter more difficult times related to their health. 

When a child’s wish is granted, a whole new world full of possibilities opens up. Sometimes it seems impossible to enjoy a carefree holiday, when a child is suffering from an illness. We believe nothing is less true.

It is so important for a child and their loved ones to be distracted from their everyday worries and anxiety. By granting a wish, Make-A-Wish does exactly that. The only limit is the child’s imagination; but we cannot do it alone. Together with thousands of volunteers, Make-A-Wish grants wishes all around the world. With your financial support, we can continue the work we are doing for these children and their families.

Grant life-changing wishes

What we do as Make-A-Wish near you

Naura from Malaysia is living with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. During the pandemic she found joy in cooking together with her mother. Her wish was to have a kitchen playset, where she could practice cooking the loveliest home-made meals for her family.

To prepare Naura for her wish day, Make-A-Wish sent her supplies she could later use for her own “kitchen”. An apron, a special recipe book, a chef’s hat, and many different tools for baking and cooking.

When Naura’s wish day finally arrived, the local “Chef Anis” taught her how to make her favorite dish: delicious ice-cream waffles. As an extra surprise, Naura got to keep the waffle maker!

Then the big moment arrived, her brand new kitchen playset. When Naura first saw the playset, she was stunned, and her face filled up with joy. It was a glorious day where the whole family felt happy. Together they created a memory that would last a lifetime.

Granting Naura’s wish renewed her and her loved ones’ strength. It brings out optimism for the future and hope for better days. Feeling intense joy and adrenaline is not something that Naura encounters everyday. Which is exactly why Make-A-Wish grants wishes, with the help of hardworking volunteers and generous donors.