Make-A-Wish as a Children’s Charity

Make-A-Wish International

The importance of granting wishes

Every kid deserves a normal, carefree, loving childhood. Including children that suffer from a life-threatening illness. Make-A-Wish has been operating for 40+ years and each year is able to grant the most heartfelt wishes to children and young people from 3 to 18, who are living with a life-threatening illness.

Children whose lives are dominated by anxiety, concern, and hospitalisation. Make-A-Wish takes these children’s anxieties away and allows them to be a child again instead of a patient, by granting their most cherished wish. This provides these children, as well as the entire family, with strength and vitality for the future.

All of this is possible because of the work of thousands of volunteers at Make-A-Wish. Donations and fundraising activities (both monetary and in-kind) from corporations, clubs, schools, and (sports) groups, as well as structural support from donors and sponsors, are required.

A donation that helps grant wishes

You have the power to transform people’s lives. Children like Sophie, Bas, and Levi are living with critical illnesses, which happens all around the world. Instead of playing outside, kids are often curled up in their beds at home. Or even in the hospital. They occasionally lose their hair. Or their medication is making them nauseous. You can do a lot for them with little effort.

Granting wishes together

If a child believes that their wish will be granted, they might also keep hope that their health will improve.

This stands at the heart of a wish journey. Every year, Make-A-Wish grants the most heartfelt wishes. We cannot do it on our own. The tale of Make-A-Wish is more than simply a story. It is the narrative of all children who have a life-threatening illness.

A group of loving volunteers, parents, hospitals, and commercial partners who work together to make the impossible possible. The child benefits from being a part of an extraordinary wish journey. Children and their families gain strength this way, allowing them to face the future with greater confidence.

Donate to our children’s wish granting organization

Making a critically ill child’s most cherished wish come true, gives them the courage and optimism they need to cope with their illness. This vastly improves the quality of their life.  

Make a donation today and you can help us grant a wish. Give with a purpose: contribute to a seriously ill child’s wish. You can make a significant impact in their lives by doing so.

Grant life-changing wishes