How to make a donation on World Wish Day

On this special day, thousands of children worldwide are looking forward to getting their wishes granted. These children live with life-threatening illnesses that pose many challenges for them. Hence, with the team effort of our volunteers and donors, we aim to fulfill the wish of all such children living with critical illnesses. This helps us give hope and confidence to these children.

Why World Wish Day is the perfect opportunity to donate


World Wish Day is the perfect opportunity to make a positive contribution in your life. Make-A-Wish enables critically ill children to explore their imagination by encouraging them to design their wishes according to their aspirations and dreams for their future. Once a child draws up a plan for their wish, it is through the help of our volunteers, donors, and supporters that help fulfill these children’s wishes. Thus, you can help with the execution of these wishes by taking advantage of this momentous opportunity provided by World Wish Day and donate!


The impact of donating to Make-A-Wish

Granting a wish has an incredibly positive impact on the lives of critically ill children. With the help and support from our committed donors and volunteers, we fulfill the wish of these children who are fighting life-threatening diseases. This helps the children to regain their confidence and their emotional stability. 

Once the wish of an eligible child is granted, it creates a huge impact in their lives and their families. This gives them hope and confidence that their child will be able to do anything they want in their future.


This is how you make a donation on World Wish Day

If you want to become a donor for Make-A-Wish, you need to follow a few steps. Simply click the donation button on this page to make a donation. From there, you can move on to choosing your preferences regarding the type of donation. Through this online form, you can make your contributions to Make-A-Wish International and bring a positive change to this world.


Help grant life-altering wishes to eligible children

Make-A-Wish is able to provide strength and hope to critically ill children because of the help of our valuable donors and supporters. The generosity of our donors has helped fulfill the wishes of these children. Donate today and help grant life-changing wishes to children who are living with critical medical conditions.


Grant life-changing wishes