How our Affiliate Make-A-Wish Spain empowers critically ill children

With joint efforts of the donors and volunteers across Spain, Make-A-Wish aims to grant wishes for children living with critical illnesses.
Granting wishes creates a source of hope and motivation for critically ill children and their loved ones. In this article, find out more about our Affiliate Make-A-Wish Spain.

Grant life-changing wishes

How a wish changes life


Make-A-Wish Spain has worked strenuously to grant the wishes of children living with life-threatening illnesses since its establishment in 1999. These critically ill children often undergo multiple invasive medical procedures that can make them feel vulnerable, anxious, and stressed out. By granting wishes, Make-A-Wish Spain brings hope and resilience into the lives of these children and their families.

An instance of joy can have an inconceivably positive effect on the emotional well being of the critically ill child and improve their healing process. Through a simple act of wish-granting, our donors and volunteers have the power to transform the lives of these children.

Granting a child’s wish gives them inexplicable joy. This feeling of joy and optimism stimulates a positive reaction in their response system. In this way, the wish journey can have a positive impact on the healing process of children living with a critical condition.


Phases of Make-A-Wish Spain

Our Affiliate Make-A-Wish Spain grants wishes for critically ill children across the nation. The process of wish-granting is achieved through four simple phases. First, the child, their parent, legal guardian, or medical professional makes an intervention request.

Next, we determine the eligibility of the child battling a critical disease. The doctor treating the critically ill child helps by determining whether they are medically able to participate in the proposed wish request. For the third phase of the wish-granting process, our team visits the child and their family. The child has full authority to design their wish according to their dreams and interests.

Lastly, Make-A-Wish Spain achieves its mission by coordinating resources and activities between various institutions, donors, volunteers, and most importantly, by prioritising input from the critically ill children and their families. With every wish we grant, we bring resilience and confidence into the lives of critically ill children.


Criteria to apply for a wish


Make-A-Wish Spain is committed to granting wishes of children living with critical illnesses across the country. To apply for a wish, a wish application must be sent in by the critically ill child, their parents, legal guardians, or the doctor treating their medical condition.
The child must be a citizen of Spain or living in Spain. Moreover, for a wish to be granted with Make-A-Wish, the critically ill child must be aged between 3 and 18 years old.

Donate today and transform the lives of critically ill children

Make-A-Wish Spain has granted a significant number of wishes and transformed the lives of children living with life threatening conditions. This has only been possible with collaboration between the enthusiastic volunteers and the generous donors.  

It does not matter how large or small your donation is; a step in the right direction is all it takes to make a difference in the lives of critically ill children and their families. Seize this opportunity to contribute generosity and joy to the world. Donate today. 


Grant life-changing wishes