How our Affiliate Make-A-Wish Belgium enchants the lives of critically ill children

Children living with life-threatening illnesses can use extra hope and joy to escape their hardships. Make-A-Wish Belgium believes fulfilling the wishes of these children is an effective way to reduce the stress and anxiety in their lives. Most of us cannot imagine how tough it is to spend your childhood in a hospital room, missing out on all the fun and joyful moments. By granting the wishes of critically ill children, our aim is to make a difference in their lives.

Grant life-changing wishes

The impact of a wish granted


A critically ill child may have to spend multiple days at the hospital, dealing with their life-threatening condition and possibly its complications. These children often spend a lot of their time anxious and stressed. Living with a critical illness compromises your routine activities. The opportunity to take a break, and enjoy life seems like a far-fetched idea.

All children living with life-threatening illnesses have different wishes based on their interests and preferences. Make-A-Wish Belgium values every wish application and tries to grant as many wishes to every eligible child as possible. Through granting a wish, we aim to provide these children with an opportunity to escape stress and anxiety and enable them to create joy-filled memories with their loved ones. The children living with life-threatening illnesses can then find strength, joy, and confidence through their wish journeys.


The stages of a wish journey with Make-A-Wish Belgium

The wish journey with Make-A-Wish Belgium has specific stages. We receive many wishes from critically ill children across the country. The first stage of this journey is to recognise the cases that meet our eligibility criteria. Next, we meet the respective critically ill child and their family members. After consulting the child’s healthcare professional, we discuss the safety of the wish for the child. Finally, we work with a group of donors and hard-working volunteers to grant the wish.


Which children are eligible?


The eligibility criteria for a critically ill child to send us a wish application is that a child must be between the ages of three and eighteen. We require proper confirmation from a healthcare professional about the child’s diagnosis.

Grant life-changing wishes by donating

We can grant wishes to critically ill children with the help of our volunteers’ contributions and generous donors. A wish journey can provide resilience and hope to the children battling life-threatening conditions. Granting their wish can be life-changing for them. Become part of the wish granting journey by donating today. Every single donation helps Make-A-Wish Belgium grant the wish of a critically ill child.


Grant life-changing wishes