Granting wishes to critically ill children

In the US alone, 1 out of every 300 kids will suffer from some form of cancer. This amount adds up to hundreds and thousands of kids worldwide. Critically ill children are those that have been diagnosed with life-threatening diseases. Cancer is one of the biggest critical conditions that make a child ill. The rate of survival of the child varies depending on the type of cancer and its severity.

Some children have a high rate, while some may not have a great chance of surviving. For this particular reason, many organizations all around the world try to fulfill the wishes of these seriously ill kids that are fighting for their lives at such a young age.


Grant life-changing wishes

What is the Make-A-Wish wish journey?

The wish journey is a carefully planned journey, designed to complement a child’s medical treatment. It is designed to give them hope, strength and joy that they need to fight their illness. These children are mostly stuck inside the four walls of a hospital. They may or may not survive, and make-a-wish programs help them live a big desire in their life.

The wish application is filled out for children aged between 3-17 years old with a critical illness and medical eligibility confirmed.

The wish can be small or large and may be a wish to go, a wish to be, a wish to have or a wish to meet. The options are endless, and all of this is possible thanks to the donations many individuals make all around the world for critically ill children.

The importance of granting wishes


Make-A-Wish International’s mission is to grant the wish of every eligible child around the world. The significance lies in the period before and after the wish. The child’s wish, no matter how big or small, brings them hope, strength and joy, and gives them a chance to be happy once again.

The wish journey enables a seriously ill child and their loved ones to create life lasting memories. This memory can support them in more difficult times that they might have to face.


How to apply for a wish

All you have to do is visit your local Make-A-Wish Affiliate’s website and fill out a wish application form. Once you have checked the eligibility criteria, submit the form. The wish eligibility form contains all the basic details that Make-A-Wish will need, along with something sent by your child’s medical professional. If eligible, the application will then be processed, and the Make-A-Wish team will get in touch with you to know more about your child and their wish.


Donate, and grant a wish

If you are interested in donating to a cause, please consider donating to Make-A-Wish International today and help grant life-changing wishes to critically ill children globally. Your donations are highly appreciated by not only Make-A-Wish, but also our wish kids and their families, who get to see a smile on their little one’s face.


Grant life-changing wishes