Make-A-Wish do for children living with leukemia?

Children who are living with leukemia, often feel worried or anxious. Granting a wish can improve self-esteem, confidence and most importantly, hope. Hope is extremely important to have for children and their loved ones. 

We believe that granting wishes improves the prospects for a child living with leukemia. Exhilaration, joy and hope are three factors that can renew the strength in a child and their families.

The story of Make-A-Wish is not just a story. It is a story of all stories of children with a life-threatening illness. As well as caring volunteers, parents, hospitals and corporate partners, who go above and beyond to make the impossible possible. 

Carefree moments with their families making memories. Being part of an unforgettable wish journey gives the child a positive boost. Children and their families can renew their strength to face the future with more confidence. 

Grant life-changing wishes

Nitzan’s imagination brought to life

Nitzan has always fantasized about being able to fly in a hot air balloon. While fighting cancer, it is important for a child to keep having hope. Nitzan’s wish was granted! She and her family were invited to fly in a hot air balloon on her wish day. 

Nitzan felt at peace when she was floating through the sky. Nothing she had ever felt before came close to what she was feeling in that moment. Nitzan and her family had the best time during the hot air balloon ride.

Wishes like these are a distraction from everyday life. It offers the children and their loved ones a chance to create memories that will last forever. This can have a positive impact on the emotional wellbeing of a child.

Granting wishes abroad

Eva, 3 years old, has been living with neuroblastoma for most of her life. Her wish was to have a tea party in a real castle while dressing up with her mom. Thanks to Make-A-Wish supporters, her wish was granted! 

The weather on her wish day was outstanding. Eva made big soap bubbles and had loads of fun with balloons. She played the piano and was able to have the biggest fun. She and her family had the most glorious day in the castle. It was a tea party to be never forgotten.

Donate to help grant the most incredible wishes

Wishes provide a self-esteem boost for young children who have to deal with doctor’s appointments, medication, and hospitals. We believe that this boost, together with renewed strength, has a positive influence on the healing process. 

Make-A-Wish cannot do this alone. With the hard work of volunteers and the generous donations from donors, we can spread the Make-A-Wish message. Making a difference in the lives of critically ill children, by sparking their imagination and granting their wishes. Help us fulfil our mission, and donate today. If you wish to learn how Make-A-Wish works you can also visit our FAQ.