Help grant a wish in 2022 with Make-A-Wish Netherlands

With the help of local partners across the Netherlands, Make-A-Wish fulfils the wishes of critically ill children. Granting a wish can play a part in the healing process of these children. A wish journey constructively impacts the attitude of critically ill children and helps them believe they can achieve anything in their lives. In this article, you will find out more about how Make-A-Wish functions.

Grant life-changing wishes

The importance of wish-granting

Children living with critical illnesses go through inconceivable hardships. Their families face challenges together with them. Most of us can not fathom their trials and tribulations. By helping to grant wishes to these children, we aim to introduce a new hope to the lives of the child and their loved ones. 

Once a child is diagnosed with a critical illness, they spend most of their days at the hospital. They spend significant time undergoing various tests for diagnosis or various surgeries. These children are often deprived of their childhood experiences as they spend most of these years at hospitals. We believe that when these kids are at the hospital and going through a tough time, they are in dire need of confidence and optimism.

The wish journey process at Make-A-Wish Netherlands


Make-A-Wish Netherlands grants the wishes of all needy children who are going through any critical illness. Numerous children across the Netherlands are diagnosed with life-threatening diseases.

These children and their families face a challenging time since they have to make frequent hospital trips or stay there for the duration of the child’s treatment. Granting the wish of these children gives them immense hope and strength to keep battling against the life-threatening disease.

Eligible wish children

The eligibility criteria for Make-A-Wish is that the child must be over the age of three and under the age of 18 to be eligible for the wish journey.

Before processing the wish, we request that the child’s attending physician run a few tests and determine their condition. This would help to decide whether the child is medically eligible to get their wish granted as per the criteria set by Make-A-Wish.


Give hope and donate today

We can only grant the wishes of these children due to the financial help we receive through donations. Whether the donation is large or small, it contributes greatly towards the wish-granting of critically ill children. Once you donate, you give these children hope and confidence and the ability to make more memories with their loved ones. Donate today!


Grant life-changing wishes