Make a difference this holiday season

Make-A-Wish International

Make a difference this holiday season

The cosiest time of the year is just around the corner: holiday season. In this season, maybe more than usual, it is very important to spend time with your loved ones. The joys of eating together, handing out gifts, and spending time with family. 

Unfortunately, there are families who go through this period of time, knowing their child is critically ill. Make-A-Wish believes that these families deserve that extra pinch of hope and strength. This is why Make-A-Wish encourages sparking the imagination of these children, by granting their wish. Granting a wish can make a big impact on the life of the child and their loved ones.

During the wish journey, a child can build up the resilience that they later might need in harder times. The joy, optimism and confidence, derived from having their wish granted, stays with these children for life.

Make-A-Wish believes that through having a child’s wish granted, hope and strength for the future is gathered. Granting a child’s wish can make a big transformation in their life.

How to help grant a wish this holiday season

Life-changing wishes like these can be granted because of the hard work of our volunteers, and the generous support of donors. Any donation, small or large, helps us with giving seriously ill children hope, strength, and confidence.

Many, many wishes have come to life in the past 40+ years. To continue granting wishes and giving a critically ill child a once-in-a-lifetime experience, we need supporters. Supporters who want to contribute to making the impossible possible, for these children and their families.


Grant wishes by donating to Make-A-Wish

Our goal is to provide a happy holiday season to as many children living with critical illnesses and their families as possible; every gesture makes a huge impact for them. To reach this goal, we need your help. We cannot provide these life-changing experiences without you. Donate now, to help grant life-changing wishes.


Grant life-changing wishes