The transformative power of wish-granting by our affiliate Make-A-Wish Ireland

According to the latest available data, there are over 8,000* children in Ireland who are living with a life threatening illness. These children have to deal with stress and fear at such a young age. This is why Make-A-Wish Ireland gives hope to these children and their loved ones by granting wishes.

Grant life-changing wishes

Make-A-Wish Ireland

When a child is diagnosed with a critical illness, it immediately disrupts their childhood. Pleasurable moments like having fun with friends at school make way for tests, scans and cold hospital rooms. Anxiety, fear and stress take over, and the whole family starts to feel the impact of the diagnosis.

Make-A-Wish Ireland believes in sparking hope and joy for these children and their loved ones. A granted wish enables the whole family to truly forget about their troubles for a while. It lets them create memories that they will treasure for years to come.

What does Make-A-Wish Ireland do?

Make-A-Wish Ireland believes in the transformative power of a granted wish. Their aim is to create an extraordinary wish journey for a critically ill child and their loved ones. During the wish journey, enjoyment and care are top priorities.

The first step to a wish journey is a referral. The criteria for eligible children are as follows:

  • The child is living with a life-threatening condition.
  • The child is between 3 and 18 years of age.
  • The child hasn’t received a wish before.

After the approval, specially trained volunteers will visit the child to determine the details of the wish journey. Each wish is carefully crafted to the likes and dislikes of the child. As each child has their own special personality, so does each wish journey. After the wish has been determined, the wish-granters will start the magic. Learn more about how these wishes are granted at our frequently asked questions page.

A granted wish enables the child to build up psychological resources. Wish children have expressed feeling more courageous and confident following their wish. A life-changing wish can help them build up resilience that they might need later in their lives.


Give hope to critically ill children by donating

Make-A-Wish has the mission to grant as many wishes as possible, for every eligible critically ill child around the world. But we cannot do it alone.

A wish journey doesn’t stand on its own. Each wish journey is only possible because of the hard work of our volunteers, local partners, corporate sponsors and donations. Interested to learn where this wish-granting journey started? Read all about it here!

Your donation, small or large, makes a huge difference in the lives of critically ill children and their loved ones. Give hope, and donate today.

Grant life-changing wishes