How our Affiliate Make-A-Wish India gives strength to children

When children are diagnosed with a life threatening condition, it takes a huge toll on their life. Not only physically, but also emotionally. For parents it is their worst nightmare, to find out that your child is diagnosed with a life threatening illness. Make-A-Wish India makes a difference for these children by granting their wishes.


Grant life-changing wishes

Make-A-Wish India

Our affiliate in India has had quite a history of making wishes come true. Since 1995 over 70,000 wishes have been granted by Make-A-Wish India. Every day, children in India are diagnosed with a life threatening illness. Being diagnosed with a critical illness has a huge impact on a child and their loved ones.

The childhood of a critically ill child will never be the same. A critically ill child often has to undergo medical procedures and stay in cold hospital rooms for long periods.

When a child lives in a remote village, it sometimes can be hard to reach a hospital where they can receive the needed medical care. At times this forces the family to find a home closer to the hospital. 

A diagnosis with a life threatening illness, causes a lot of stress, fear and anxiety in the family. As it has shown that granted wishes can play a positive role in the healing process, Make-A-Wish India continues to grant wishes of every eligible child.


What does Make-A-Wish India do?

A wish journey is magical because a wish is the result of the imagination of a child. By granting wishes, Make-A-Wish India shows critically ill children that even the seemingly impossible, is possible.

Granted wishes build up confidence and resilience in a child. It gives them hope to believe in a better future. During the wish journey the child experiences something extraordinary. A granted wish also makes a difference for the child’s family. It enables them to spend time together and make memories that they can keep close to their hearts.


3-year-old Kavisha is living with leukemia. When she visits the hospital, she is scared and always asks her mom to leave as soon as possible. She lives together with her mom in a facility near the hospital, as her home is based in a remote village.

Kavisha’s wish was to have a bike. Being able to ride her own bike gives her a sense of independence. Riding a bike builds up confidence that Kavisha can use during future treatments. Seeing Kavisha smiling while riding the bike, meant the world to her mom.


Give hope to critically ill children by donating

Help grant wishes like Kavisha’s. Learn how you can make a wish come true at our FAQ. Your support gives children renewed strength and hope for the future. Make-A-Wish India relies on the hard work of volunteers, local partners and communities. Donate to Make-A-Wish India and make a difference in the lives of critically ill children and their loved ones.


Grant life-changing wishes