The life-changing wishes granted by Make-A-Wish America

Each year approximately 27,000 children in the United States are diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses. Research has shown that granting a wish can help them build up strength and confidence for the future. Make-A-Wish America grants wishes for children living with critical illnesses. Read more about the work of Make-A-Wish America.

Grant life-changing wishes

Make-A-Wish America

Children who are living with life-threatening illnesses unfortunately do not get to experience a normal, carefree childhood. They are faced with different challenges each day. Many of them have to go through numerous doctors appointments and hospital stays. Make-A-Wish America believes that these children and their loved ones deserve all the joy and hope they can possibly get.

Granting a wish enables a child and their family to experience a day full of joy and happiness. The wish journey can contribute to helping the child feel like a normal kid again. Restoring hope and a sense of normalcy, makes a big difference for a child and their loved ones.

The wish is only limited to the imagination of the wish child. Each wish is special and unique, just like the wish child. Organizing an incredible day during the journey, enables the family to create memories that will last a lifetime.

What does Make-A-Wish America do?

With the help of thousands of volunteers, local partners and generous donors, Make-A-Wish America grants wishes of children who are living with a critical illness.

The impact of granting a wish is huge on the child and their loved ones. During times of treatment and hospital stays, it can be hard to keep having hope. A cold hospital room instead of being amidst the warmth of their own home, has a big effect on the emotional wellbeing of a child and their family.

For parents of a seriously ill child, it is heartbreaking to have to watch them endure all of it. The continuous stress and anxiety affects every part of their lives. As a parent all you want is for your children to be safe and to be able to grow up in a carefree and loving environment.

A wish journey enables a child and their family to have an amazing experience where the most heartfelt wishes come to life. Being able to experience something that might seem impossible at first, builds up the confidence level of a child. For these kids it is crucial to renew their strength and hope for the future. It makes a child resilient and can teach coping skills.

Give hope to critically ill children by donating

Make-A-Wish America can’t do this alone. Thousands of volunteers, corporate partners and donors contribute to the child’s wish journey. Learn how you can make a kids’ wish come true. Your support is the reason that we are able to grant wishes all around the world. Your support enables us to help replace their anxiety and worry, for happiness and joy.

Donate today, and make a difference in the lives of children living with a life-threatening illness and their families globally.

Grant life-changing wishes