We wish to meet Princess Elsa

Binh & Phuoc, 3, Canada
Alagille syndrome

At Make-A-Wish, we strive to grant each child’s one true life-affirming wish. Our volunteers across the world work closely with the child and their family to determine what that one magical wish is. For Binh and Phuoc, with their shared health challenges, sisterly bond and passion for princesses, it was inevitable that these twins both wished to meet their favorite princess, the strong and beautiful Elsa.

Meet Binh and Phuoc, three-year-old twin sisters who were adopted from Vietnam in 2012. Both girls were diagnosed with Alagille syndrome, a rare genetic disorder which causes liver damage and other serious health complications. To survive their condition, both girls underwent liver transplants at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada in 2015. Phuoc received a liver donation from her adoptive father and Binh received a liver from a living donor. The girls are part of a large and loving family, with seven siblings who have shared their journey through the challenges of their cricitical illness.

Their wish trip (post-transplants) represented an end to a year of great struggles, but also great victories. “Let’s not sugar-coat it, we have been through quite the year. But in hindsight, it has been a wonderfully successful one,” says Binh and Phuoc’s mother, Johanne.

A wish affects more than just the children – it relieves a family of stress and reunites them through happiness. Going to Walt Disney World® Resort and seeing the twins’ faces as they hugged Princess Elsa, was an exciting time for the whole family. Thanks to our friends at Disney, this experience at "The Most Magical Place on Earth" gave the twins new energy, strength and the freedom to enjoy life beyond illness.

The opportunity to simply enjoy time with each other, away from the hospital and rigors of the past year, united and strengthened the whole family.

The twins are now five years old, and since their life-saving transplants, are healthy and happy.