I wish to travel to Tokyo!

Laura, 15, Canada
Nervous system disorder

 Laura loves Japan
Laura is a funny and happy young girl who enjoys reading, drawing and watching her favorite YouTubers online. When Laura found out she was eligible for a wish, the idea of travelling to Japan and exploring all it had to offer came to mind. As a fan of anime, who also enjoys watching YouTubers posting from Japan, Laura’s wish to visit the country was a perfect fit. As Laura explained, “Japan is cool!” 

Konichiwa, Japan!
After careful planning and consideration, Laura and her family jetted off to Tokyo, Japan for a whole week of exploration and adventure! They spent their time touring the busy city and its pockets of stillness, fitting an amazing amount of sights and experiences into their seven-day stay. A highlight for Laura was visiting Yoyogi Park, one of the city’s largest greenspaces that is frequently showcased by the YouTubers Laura watches. 

From experiencing a different take on breakfast (more fish than cereal) to the massive crowds in Tokyo’s streets and subways, to vending machines that deliver more than your typical chips and soda (like one that played different countries’ anthems depending on which kind of coffee was ordered) the whole family was enamoured with the city. 

Laura and her family visited art galleries, where they met some of the artists, wandered through Buddhist shrines and also stopped at a cat cafe. Their trip to Tokyo was even complete with a view from the world’s tallest tower, the Tokyo Skytree, the same tower sketched by Laura before embarking on her wish trip! 

Travel Impact
A trip like this allows wish children and their families to escape the daily reality of hospital visits and gruelling treatments. It is an opportunity to look beyond their illness and come together to make amazing new memories to share forever.

“She’s gone through a lot of challenges, and had a lot of negative experiences because of that,” said Laura’s mom, Bibiana. “This wish was something amazing to look forward to, a great memory that counteracts the negative things.”