I wish to see dugongs and dolphins (and save the ocean)

Freyja, 7, Australia
clear cell sarcoma

What started as a wish to see the marine animals she loves soon kick-started a personal mission - and public campaign - to combat single-use plastic bags.


Meet Freyja

This tenacious little Australian mermaid is Freyja, a 7-year-old fighting a very rare form of cancer called clear cell sarcoma.


Freyja loves animals, especially marine life, and she is passionate about the environment.


Frejya's wish was to visit Queensland and see the dugongs and dolphins, however, her wish ran much deeper than simply seeing these beautiful animals swim in the wild.


Feyja's cancer was so rare that it took a team of international specialists to identify.

Lizzie,  Freyja's mum


A personal mission

When Freyja's wish came true, it became clear that seeing the dugongs and dolphins really was only the beginning. 


While visiting Queensland, Freyja walked the beaches with her family, picking up rubbish and doing what they could to reduce plastic entering the ocean.


Later, during a hospital visit, Freyja organized a meeting to talk with staff about reducing the use of plastic within the hospital. 


Her passion for the environment and reducing the amount of plastic in our oceans is absolutely inspiring!



A long-lasting ripple effect

After returning home, Freyja designed her very own tote bag to help raise awareness and combat the use of single-use bags - with artwork representing the dugongs and dolphins currently at risk because of the enormous amounts of plastic in their ocean home.


We strongly believe that a wish transforms lives. Research shows that a wish can help children build the physical and emotional strength they need to fight a critical illness. Now, we know wishes can also do a little bit to help our planet, too!