I wish to meet Jeseok Yi

"We can be reborn if you embrace us."
Jung-hyun, 17, Korea
acute lymphoblastic leukemia


Jung's wish

During her treatment for acute lymphocytic leukemia, 17-year-old Jung-hyun read a book titled, "Ad Genius, Jeseok Yi."

She immediately became interested in public advertising, as well as the advertising director and the founder of the Jeski social campaign, Jeseok Yi.

After hearing about Jung-hyun's story through Make-A-Wish Korea,  Jeseok Yi suggested that instead of just meeting, they make an advertising campaign together.


In January 2018, it was finally time for her to meet Jeseok Yi. During the initial meeting, in which they brainstormed ideas and planned the advertisement; she talked about the stereotypes she had encountered while she struggled with her disease as a child cancer patient.


They chose the keyword "Mask and Hair" and the image of "Eggs" as a visual representation of the hair loss children with cancer have to go through during their treatment. After putting all her time and effort into the project, Jung-hyun completed the final advertisement draft. The catchphrase of the ad was ‘We can be reborn if you embrace us,’ and it published in a newspaper in February.


Wish Impact

“Learning about advertising and publicity has made my dream come true. I like that I was able to make a public advertisement for the less represented people.” Having achieved her goal, she was one step closer to her dream of turning this opportunity into a lifelong career. She can’t thank Make-A-Wish Korea enough for making this possible. She has decided to volunteer for kids with critical illnesses as a Wish Ambassador and spread the word by becoming a public advertising maker.

The impact of her wish didn’t just stop after her wish day but transformed her life in ways she could never imagine.


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