I wish to have a themed room

Konstantinos, 3, Greece
For a three-year-old who is waiting for his greatest wish to come true, time seems to pass so slowly! Our little Konstantinos was anxious, he was asking for updates on the progress of his themed room every day. 
We exchanged countless phone calls with his sweet mother when we were preparing his room, which our Konstantinos was going to share with his younger brother. The place that would become their own space, where they can spend creating happy memories and have hours of play!
The day of the fulfillment of the wish arrived! Since morning, our volunteers have been working hard to ensure that he will have the best wish day. And all they ever wanted for their reward was a big smile from Konstantinos! 
A smile from a child is something so simple, but so powerful and the best reward that our volunteers could ever hope for.
We would never forget the huge "yippee" that he said when we opened the door, and he stood in the room, with his eyes wide in amazement. 
And of course, his gaze was "pinned" on the toys, and all he wanted to do was to tear the wrapping paper as fast as he could! 
The large pirate figure made the biggest impression on him! He ran to embrace the pirate that was taller than him! We think they will become best friends as Konstantinos has already become "a small pirate" himself!
The family was truly wonderful! Konstantinos's mom did not stop thanking us for how happy we made her child. She could not hide her tears of joy, and a sweet smile lit her face. She said: "I wish there were more angels like you, to make our world better. I wish that when Konstantinos grows up, he will become like you and will be helping people in need!".
From this special day, what will stay with us was Konstantinos’s "yippee" for every surprise we had for him and those last words of his mom that touched us like nothing else.