I wish to have red pastry toys

“The happiness on his face is an image I’ll never forget.” - Wish Volunteer
Panagiotis, 5, Greece

When Panagiotis was not in the hospital fighting leukemia, he was baking with his family. On his wish day, Panagiotis and his family visited the patisserie shop Paul, where Panagiotis learned to cook from pastry chefs and received all of the needed materials to be a master chef – including his very own red oven and mixer! When he opened his gifts and saw his new red baking toys, he was shouting with pure joy!

As he was preparing sweets for his family, he tossed his caster sugar in the air and said, “look, it’s magic dust!” In this moment, he replaced fear with confidence, anxiety with excitement and sadness with optimism.

Panagiotis was able to feel like a child again. After the cookies and bruschetta were baked, Panagiotis served them to everyone. They were delicious!

It was a day that Panagiotis will never forget and an experience that has given him an even greater passion for becoming a pastry chef when he’s older.