I wish to have a membership for my favorite places

Marie-Hélène, 12, Canada
heart condition and autism

Meet Marie-Hélène

Wish child Marie-Hélène is nonverbal and suffers from a heart condition with autism, but this little girl does not let her various ailments slow her down! Despite her condition, she finds joy and happiness in things she loves, just like any little girl would.

Marie-Hélène’s parents communicate for her, and they know just what makes her light up with happiness.  It was decided that her wish would be membership at four of her favorite places.


Her wish day
On wish day, Marie-Hélène and her parents were picked up in a limo and brought to the Build-A-Bear Workshop for a wish reveal party, where she was surprised with a LIFETIME membership to all her favorite places. Marie-Hélène’s enthusiasm and twinkle in her eye throughout the day was a clear sign that her wish made a positive impact on her.

Build-A-Bear Workshop and their staff were nothing short of spectacular hosts. They provided Marie-Hélène with the perfect place to have her wish reveal, as she made a Build-A-Bear to represent each portion of her wish.

Thank you, Build-A-Bear Workshop, for your support and for making Marie-Hélène’s wish day all that much more special!