I wish to have a house to play inside of with flowers on the porch and a big window to let the sun in

Laura, 5, Brazil

Laura, a five-year-old girl from Brazil, loves playing with her sister in the yard and dressing up. When volunteers came out to meet her and capture her wish, she carefully told them about all the details of the most magical dollhouse she had envisioned – an “inside” house with flowers on the porch and a big window to let the sun in. And there’s more… the color? Pink, but with purple details.

Laura and her sister do everything together. They especially enjoy playing dress-up in their favorite costumes. To build the girls excitement about the magical dollhouse, the wish-granting volunteers, or as the girls refer to them, “the fairies,” turned Laura and her sister into beautiful princesses with fancy hair and painted nails.

Everyone had lunch and enjoyed Laura’s favorite dessert – cupcakes! Finally, the big moment had come – one of the fairies announced the magic had happened! Laura and her sister ran to the yard. There it was – the magical dollhouse!

Laura’s belief in magic and her fairy volunteers had allowed her one-true-wish to be granted. Her wish experience showed her the importance of believing.

A wish effects more than just a child – it relieves a family of stress and reunites them through happiness. Her mother said that after her wish, Laura has gotten naturally closer to her sister – playing in their house every day and even sometimes sleeping in there. There are few things more powerful than experiencing the healing power of a wish-come-true and through this experience, the entire family relationship was strengthened.