I wish to be a turtle researcher

Jaden, 7, Canada
pulmonary condition

Meet Jaden
Jaden is an energetic 7-year-old boy who loves adventures. He is a busy little bee between his extra curricular activities, studying for his As and still finding time for painting! Jaden is a lover of basketball, hockey, LEGO building, camping and animals.

When Jaden was seven days old, he was diagnosed with cystic hydroma and later, vascular and lymphatic malformations. Cystic hydroma causes cysts that block his airway. These cysts need surgery and treatment. Jaden’s childhood his been full of medications and hospital visits.


Positivity is the best medicine - and turtles!
Jaden does not let this bring him down! He still enjoys doing fun things like watching movies and hanging out with his lizard, Tony.

Jaden also spends time learning about his passion - turtles! Jaden loves everything about turtles, so that, paired with his love of adventuring, created the perfect wish. Jaden knew exactly what he wanted when he found out Make-A-Wish was granting him a wish - to become a turtle researcher. 


It was a healing experience. It took away so many of the negative things we have experienced and rebuilt our relationship as a family



Trips that transform
Jaden took a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Gumbo Limbo Conservation Centre in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. There, he got to assist in all aspects of the sea turtles’ care, including feeding the turtles, cleaning their tanks and even helping with turtle bloodwork and IVs. Every staff member was blown away with Jaden’s impressive turtle knowledge!

Jaden’s mom, Kathryn, saw something very special happened during their wish experience. “It was a healing experience. It took away so many of the negative things we have experienced and rebuilt our relationship as a family. It brought us so much positivity and impacted everything. Our wish was so much more than just a fun adventure!”




Children Like Jaden are Waiting for their Wish Right Now

A wish come true helps children, like Jaden, feel stronger, more energetic and more willing and able to battle their critical illnesses. Parents see their children empowered by a wish – giving them a new energy to take charge of their lives and fight their illness.

Jaden is not alone wanting to live an adventure. 40% of all international wishes outside the US are for children who wish to travel on some sort of adventure. From today until August, your donation will help give children, like Jaden, the adventure of a lifetime.