I wish to be a ballerina

“The wish is a great reward for her after two and a half years of really rigorous treatments, a lot of crying. She’s so happy now. It’s so obvious to see it in her little face.” – Denice, Maya’s mother
Maya, 4, Canada

Maya has not had an easy life. She was diagnosed at the very young age of 2 and has been undergoing years of treatment ever since. But nothing has stopped this little showgirl from doing what she loves best – dancing. Which is why seeing a professional ballet production seemed fitting as the perfect wish.

On her big day, Maya travelled to Toronto where she was transformed into a beautiful ballerina – complete with a new pink tutu and tiara. At the National Ballet of Canada, she received private dance lessons from professional dancers and was able to attend opening night of The Nutcracker. She was so excited that she danced in every hallway the entire day.

Since her wish was fulfilled, Maya has been cleared from cancer. The treatments, the pain and the worry are now a distant memory only to be replaced by happy ones from that day she got to be a real ballerina. Now Maya can dance her way into new possibilities and a bright future.

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