Cristóbal, 11, Chile

Cristóbal’s furry friends gave him the power to fight his illness.
Cristóbal, 11, Chile
Duchenne muscular dystrophy


Cristobal's story

After being diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, Cristóbal’s life changed from that of a healthy 11 year old boy to one full of hospital visits and physical therapy. While he and his family adjusted to this new reality, Cristóbal was given the opportunity to have his one-true-wish granted. Cristóbal was eager for the opportunity to spend time doing something that made him truly happy. Cristóbal is passionate about animals, and decided his wish was to play with puppies.


As his wish day neared, Cristóbal’s focus gradually became less about his illness and more about his wish. Wish experiences, like Cristóbal’s, are part of a complete Wish Journey that gives children with critical illnesses an opportunity to replace negative experiences with positive experiences. He realized his wish carried the power to not only keep him going, but gave his family something to look forward to, as well.


Wish day arrived

On his wish day, Cristóbal was delighted to find his wish granters and volunteers had planned so much more for him than he had ever expected. Cristóbal and his family visited and toured Zooterapia Imagina Limitada, a zootherapy center, and took part in a therapy session featuring animal and dolphin sounds. Cristóbal was amazed at the power of animals and their role in therapy, much like the therapy he took part in following his diagnosis. Thinking the day couldn’t possibly get any better, Cristóbal was overjoyed when volunteers from Pet & Co brought in a group of puppies, there to spend the day with him and his family. The smile never left Cristóbal’s face as he played with his furry friends.


A wish-come-true delivers the strength to be resilient and unifies a community, transforming their lives through empowerment and hope. The fulfillment of Cristóbal’s wish brought him joy and gave him a chance to simply play. The positive impact on his life, and those around him, is immeasurable. Thank you very much to all who collaborated to make this beautiful wish come true.