Aggelos Wish Transformed His Life

A wish is not just a gift, but a memory of a lifetime.
Aggelos, 12, Greece
brain tumor

Like any other 12-year-old boy, I was playful, full of life and had big hopes and aspirations about my future. 

That changed all of a sudden with my brain tumour.

Playtime was replaced with surgery and chemotherapy. My dreams were switched with medication and prolonged hospital stays. My case was classified as “difficult.” The medicine flowing through my body didn’t work.

Overtime, my zest for life disappeared.

During those times, I still held on to my ambition to be a pilot for an airline; however, to know that it is unlikely to happen made the thought of it very painful. I sought solace in this little dream that I had. 


Thank you,  Make-A-Wish, for giving me such a boost during my darkest hours.


When Make-A-Wish came round to ask about my one-true-wish, I immediately revealed my ambition to be a pilot. This wish came at a pivotal time in my treatment. The whole wish experience reignited and rejuvenated my passion for life. It also created a treasured memory of a lifetime that I will hold onto forever.

A wish from Make-A-Wish is not just a gift, but a memory of a lifetime. This memory is something that I can hold onto when the times are tough!

My wish day was littered with so much joy and surprises. I wasn’t the only one who felt the impact of my wish. My family benefitted from the experience, as well. It was so comforting to be able to reconnect as a family again.

Seven years on, I still look back at my wish with fond memories, and I am currently volunteering to fulfil the wishes of children who are like me. Thank you, Make-A-Wish Greece, for giving me such a boost during my darkest hours.