Season of Wish Adventures

Season of Wish Adventures
Season of Wish Adventures

Will You Help Give Wish Children an Adventure?

Make-A-Wish grants over 30,000 wishes every year around the world. 40% of all wishes outside the US are for wish children and families who want to travel somewhere, have a break from doctors and medical appointments and live an adventure, big or small.

A wish, like a proper adventure, represents the beginning of a new journey towards optimism, bravery and courage in a child's battle with a critical illness.

Most of those wishes to travel are happening right now, during the months of July and August. Help give wish children an adventure right now.

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Meet James

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James has hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a severe condition which means the left side of his heart was not properly formed and is not able to support normal blood flow around the body.

He is 11 years old, but has already had three major open-heart surgeries, as well as an array of other regular appointments, procedures and operations to get through.

There has not really been much time for him to be 'just a regular child'.

"It was devastating.
That day is something that will be stuck in my mind forever. Walking out of that scan was just horrendous..."
– James' Mother
Season of Wish Adventures

Missing Out on Fun

Everything in James' life is affected by his condition - he misses lots of school, cannot play football anymore, and even had to miss a friend's birthday when the paintball party was deemed too dangerous for his health.

On top of all that, James and his family live every day in the knowledge that at any time, his condition could worsen without warning.

Wishing for an Adventure!

James loves the great outdoors, and his wish is to go on an outback adventure - to travel in an RV and come face-to-face with a crocodile (crikey!)

For James, this means that instead of trips to and from hospital, he can finally go on a trip that is fun and exciting.

His wish will be a wonderful distraction from everything he has had to go through, and something positive he can really look forward to (and reflect on) during the difficult days to come.

Season of Wish Adventures

Children Like James are Waiting for their Wish Right Now

A wish come true helps children, like James, feel stronger, more energetic and more willing and able to battle their critical illnesses. Parents see their children empowered by a wish – giving them a new energy to take charge of their lives and fight their illness.

James is not alone waiting for his adventure. 40% of all international wishes outside the US are for children who wish to travel on some sort of adventure. From today until August, your donation will help give children, like James, the adventure of a lifetime.