I wish to take pictures as a bride in a wedding dress

“The wish is as big for me, as it is for my family.”
Marle, 16, Netherlands
cystic fibrosis

Marle has big plans for her future — having a baby, motorcycle driving license and getting married in an amazing dress like in “Say Yes to the Dress,” a show about a Manhattan-based bridal salon that follows soon-to-be brides as they choose their dream wedding gowns. Having learned about her life-long dreams during their initial visit, it came as no surprise to Marle’s volunteers when she said her wish was to take pictures as a bride in a wedding dress.

A few days before her wish, Marle was finally able to experience her own “say yes to the dress” moment. Together, with her mother, she went to the bridal shop full of excitement. When Marle tried on her first dress, the room went silent. Her mother shed a tear as Marle looked so beautiful! Many other dresses followed, but none could match the first. That was Marle's dress - it really was made for her! A tiara completed it all and the anticipation of Marle’s big day began to build. This was just the beginning of Marle’s fabulous wish journey.

On the day of her wish-come-true, the pink limousine arrived at Marle’s home. Marle, her four sisters and her parents came enthusiastically running outside. Marle's big day was about to start!

At Cosmo Hairdressers in Hilversum, an entire team was ready to make all of the girls in the family beautiful. Anything was possible: braids, buns, curls – all while enjoying Leonidas-chocolates. Every girl left with flawless makeup and perfect nails. They looked stunning!

The only thing missing was clothing for the family and of course – Marle’s perfect dress. At a beautiful castle, her sisters turned into princesses in beautiful dresses, her father wore a suit for the first time in 18 years and her mum wore a stylish dress. The whole family was ready to experience the power of a wish-come-true and it was time for the beauty of the ball to enter. She made a stunning entrance in her wedding dress and her light blue Nikes.

An extensive photo shoot followed. Marle looked like a model. The entire family was together and the pictures captured memories that will last a lifetime. During the shoot, Marle was suddenly distracted by the sound of a motor. It was Roy (a friend) on the same motorcycle as her idol, Valentino Rossi. And when her father saw this, you could see the twinkle in his eye. Marle loves motors, just like her dad.

Guests began to arrive: her best friends, family and nurses from the hospital. During high-tea, Marle’s aunt gave a warming and emotional speech calling Mare a “life adventurer.” The room was full of tears of joy until the nurses performed a song and it changed the atmosphere - everybody was singing and cheering!

The wedding cake was cut and the singing, dancing, laughing and partying to Marle’s favorite music continued. The DJ’s honored all song requests and even played Marle's parent's wedding song.

After the releasing of two wish balloons, it was time to say goodbye. Once home, Marle exchanged her beautiful wedding dress for a comfortable Yamaha-vest, which she received as a gift that day, and they all were in awe thinking about the amazing day.