I wish to fly like a butterfly

Claudia, 6, Italy

"At only 2 years and 9 months, Claudia ‘switched off.’ Her cheerfulness had disappeared – she was no longer my little girl. She was always sad, sleepy and had no appetite. Nine endless months of chemotherapy later, we returned home in hope of resuming the life and the routine that we missed. It was not simple and we had to make sacrifices for Claudia. No closed or crowded places, no friends to play with. Once again, she felt enclosed in a cage and she had a strong desire to fly." – Claudia’s mom.

When Claudia met with the Make-A-Wish volunteers, she whispered to them, "my biggest wish is to fly like a butterfly."

The volunteers put together all of their creative ideas in order to organize a truly unique and unforgettable experience. When the owner of the EurPark Adventure Park in Rome heard about Claudia’s journey, and that he shared her birthday, he was very moved and provided all of his support. On wish day, the park was filled with balloons, flowers and butterflies. There were butterflies everywhere, even a carpet of grass laid out for Claudia the butterfly. Waiting for Claudia to arrive were the Make-A-Wish volunteers, the park staff, the photographer and the cameraman, as well as a make-up artist who was prepared to transform Claudia into a beautiful butterfly. Claudia’s wish united a caring community of people and transformed all of their lives – forever.

When Claudia arrived, she could not believe her eyes! She had already thought of dressing like a butterfly, but what she saw was far beyond her expectations. She was truly transformed into a real butterfly! Once she was ready, Claudia was finally able to fly and experience true freedom!

A smile was engraved not only on Claudia’s face, but on the faces of her parents too. An indescribable joy – a real wish-come-true and a new outlook on life for Claudia!

Watch the video of Claudia’s transformative wish below.