Children's Cancer Awareness Month

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Join us and help raise $50,000 for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!


Stolen Childhood

One of the worst things a parent can hear is their child has cancer. When children are diagnosed with cancer, the universe is turned upside down for them and their families. Family holidays are exchanged for long stays in the hospital. Pool trips become hospital visits. Joy and laughter are replaced with anxiety and fear.

For a child, cancer simply steals their chance at a normal childhood. In addition to the physical effects, fear, isolation and loss of self esteem are some of the hardest psychological effects children deal with during this time.

A wish brings a bit of light to that dark world, replacing fear and anxiety with joy and hope.

40% of children waiting for a wish are battling cancer. Join our Childhood Cancer Awareness Month appeal and help us raise $50,000 to spark a light in their world today!

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Wishes vs Cancer

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When a child battling cancer discovers the opportunity to have their one-true-wish granted by Make-A-Wish, you can see a sparkle return to their eyes.

The wish experience is a positive intervention in their life that helps them build resilience and emotional well-being, one that balances out all the negative experiences associated with a critical illness. The wish anticipation is a daily distraction that replaces the bad feelings of treatments and cancer effects with hope, strength and joy. During this process, the wish child recovers the childhood experiences of happiness, play, imagination and fun that have been stolen by the diagnosis.

Ultimately, a wish allows the wish child to dream about something that seems unobtainable, making the impossible... possible. There is nothing more powerful than that.

"These are [children] who are living longer,who are living better, are having more fun, and everything started with their wish."
Dr Anup Patel
Pediatric Neurology
Nationwide Children's Hospital (Columbus, Ohio).

A Mermaid Awaits Her Wish!

Emily is a bright and beautiful five-year-old girl from Colombia, who was diagnosed with leukemia earlier this year.

Despite the long stays in the hospital, Emily's smile and positivity are contagious! Knowing her wish is happening soon gives her the strength to keep fighting!

Emily's wish be a mermaid with a huuuuge tail and a palace underwater full of dolphins will be granted this September. While she will experience hope and joy again, we will not be able to reach thousands of other children battling cancer right now. You can change that.

Join us and help raise $50,000 for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!

Emily Wish Photo

Give the Power of a Wish to a Child Battling Cancer