A holiday gift for children living with cancer

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Holiday gift ideas for children living with cancer

Getting the diagnosis of cancer as a child is often a heartless and discouraging experience. For them, and for their loved ones. It is often difficult to understand what these children have to go through, as an outsider. 

That is why the holiday season is the perfect opportunity to lend the children and their families a helping hand, by making them feel extra special. But what are the best gifts to give children going through a tough time? Read on to see some holiday gift ideas for children living with cancer.

Bring warmth to children living with cancer this holiday season

Giving a special gift to children living with cancer can bring back joy (or light up hope) to critically ill children and their families, to forget for a moment that they have a life-threatening or severe illness.

Sometimes children living with cancer have to spend time in the hospital for a longer period of time. They often like to personalise their hospital room as much as they can. A suitable gift can be fuzzy socks, soft pillows or a warm blanket. 

Make them happy with comfortable clothing. As you can imagine, during treatment, these kids do not feel their best, and often spend long days in the hospital or are recovering at home. Often hospitals are quite cold. If a child is cold or feeling restless, they can relax with a nice warm blanket.

Practical holiday gifts for children living with cancer

During treatment such as chemo, it is important for a child to stay hydrated. A high-quality water bottle that keeps water cold or hot for a long time, can be very helpful. Engrave the bottle with something fun, such as the child’s favorite team or names of people important to them. 

Games are a great holiday gift. It distracts the children from the daily challenges they have to face. In addition, their loved ones can participate too. It creates a moment to spend time together.

A stuffed animal can make the kids feel secure, when they have to be alone in a room for treatment. The stuffed animal can be a beacon of hope for a child. This hope can be carried with them for as long as their treatment will last.

Grant a wish for a child living with cancer by donating

Besides one of these gifts for these children, you can also make a contribution to Make-A-Wish. Your contribution makes a difference in the lives of children living with cancer and their families. By granting a wish, we believe a child will build up hope and strength that will be helpful in more difficult times.

Granting a wish enables the child and their family to spend time together and create memories that will last a lifetime. Donate today, and bring hope and light into the lives of children living with cancer and their families.

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