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Every year there are approximately 300,000 children diagnosed with cancer

Cancer is the most common condition affecting our Wish Children

Granting a wish for a child with cancer, can bring him/her more strength to recover

Will you give hope to them?

A wish is a hope, donate today. More children’s lives will be transformed.

An inspiring story from Camila

At the age of 7, Camila was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a type of cancer that produces immature bone. Her left leg was amputated due to her illness. Her mom registered for her at Make-A-Wish Chile in order to grant a special wish for her and lift up her spirits for recovery. Her wish was “I wish to have a poodle dog”.

With the help of our staff and volunteers, and also with the support from our donors, we managed to grant Camila’s wish in a very special way when she was 8-years old. On her Wish Granting Day, Camila had her prosthetic leg and was able to walk. We surprised her at home with a large box, and when she opened her longed-for puppy, her happy face was unforgettable. Her puppy was her companion for 15 years and helped her in her emotional recovery.

When we asked Camila: what did you receive from Make-A-Wish, she said: “Make-A-Wish showed me that there is nothing impossible, that the dreams are the engine of life and that you only need to believe, have faith and hope”.


Childhood cancer awarness month introduction

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Started in the US in September 1992, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month highlights the impact of cancer on children and their family and acknowledges the fight against cancer and cancer-related illnesses so many children face. The Golden Ribbon is it’s symbol.

The encouraging news is that, with the development of economy and medical conditions in some areas, survival rates of children with cancer keep on rising. However, the improvement is lagging in some less-developed countries.

Every year in September, at Make-A-Wish, we join this movement of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, hoping to bring more strength and courage to every child fighting cancer. And we can only achieve this with your support.