How much do charitable deductions reduce taxes?

A contribution to tax return is an amount of qualified charitable cash up to three hundred dollars with your AGI that can be deducted as a part of your deductions for the year. If you are a married tax filer, who wants to file a joint return, you can get six hundred dollars in tax relief. If an amount is over sixty percent of your AGI, it qualifies as deductible. Although, it is important to note that there may be limitations such as up to thirty and forty percent.

Grant life-changing wishes

Charitable tax deductions in the UK explained

Giving donations impacts the lives of critically ill children and their families. By donating to Make-A-Wish you are enabling wish journeys for eligible children around the world. Your contribution holds importance, whether it is in a large or small amount. As an additional benefit, you can get your taxes reduced as a result of charitable deductions. There are certain limitations that are applied to your tax deductions.

Tax relief refers to the benefit you get of not having to pay tax on the number of donations you are paying to a charity. Overall, it does depend on how you donate, whether it is property, shares, or land or from your income, or by using gift aid.

Charitable donation tax credit rates in the United Kingdom


If you are donating about one euro, you have to pay about eighty pence as a basic rate taxpayer, but if you are an additional rate taxpayer, you have to pay an amount of about fifty-five pence. Similarly, if you are a higher rate taxpayer, you will have to pay sixty pence.

The rate is slightly different if you are a resident of Scotland. You will have to pay the same eighty pence as a basic rate taxpayer for one euro donation but fifty-nine pence if you are a taxpayer of higher rate. As a starter rate taxpayer, you will have to pay eighty-one pence and fifty-four pence as a top rate taxpayer. Furthermore, if you are an intermediate-rate taxpayer, you will have to pay seventy-nine pence. Overall, this can give you an idea of the amount you have to pay depending on where you live and the type of taxpayer you are.

The effect of donating

Make-A-Wish has been able to change the lives of many critically ill children with the help of the donations they receive. Even if you contribute a small amount of your earnings, it does make a major change for children diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. A granted wish has the power to transform the lives of critically ill children. Donate today, and give hope to children living with a critical illness and their families.


Grant life-changing wishes